Hedgehog Class - EYFS

Welcome to Hedgehog Class Page

We are so excited to have you all in Hedgehog class. Our first topic in Hedgehog class will be 'All about me', where we learn about each other and make new friends. We may all be different and enjoy different things, but we are all friends! In the morning you will come into class and hang up your things on your peg. Then you will post your name, write your name and then find an activity around the room.

In our classroom we love to have lots of fun areas to play in. We have the water, sand, construction area and our outdoor space! One of my favourite areas is the creative area because I love to paint pictures and make models out of boxes, tubes and others materials.

Sometimes you may find things tricky at school but I am always here to help you along the way. The more we try, the better we will get, and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you are going to do this year.


We add our learning, achievements and key moments to tapestry as often as possible, please remember to activate your parent account to view, add your own memories and comments.

Please speak to us if you need help with Tapestry at any time!