English Writing inc. SPaG

We believe all of our pupils can be skilled writers. We encourage them to be creative and express themselves through their written work, while supporting them to control their writing so that it is structurally accurate. We guide pupils through an authentic writing process of oral discussion, planning, drafting & editing before a piece is published.

We help pupils to develop a rich vocabulary and ignite their passion so that weave wonderful writing, drawing on real life experiences as well as those from their creative imagination. They will have opportunities to write for a range of audiences and purposes and will develop their speaking & listening skills by making formal presentations to their peers.

Our writing curriculum aims to enable all pupils to become articulate and imaginative communicators who are well-equipped to thrive.

In this section you will find our Writing Curriculum for Reception through to Year 6. We have ensured that all genres of writing - narrative, non-fiction and poetry are covered and that they progress through the years increasing in difficulty. 

Talk for Writing

From September 2023, our school are embarking on an exciting two-year project, implementing ‘Talk for Writing’ in our School.

In the first year we will be focusing on our narrative and poetry curriculum, the way we teach writing and improving outcomes for children. For non-fiction genres of writing we will continue using our own curriculum. Then in Year 2, we will start to develop the non-fiction aspects.

Supporting us in this 2 year journey will be Talk for Writing Consultant Mr Jamie Grossmith.


What is Talk for Writing?

Listen to this YouTube clip of Pie Corbett explaining what his project is all about:

Progression Documents: